Acht Schritte für einen Ausflug mit Kriegerdenkmäler
Eight steps for a journey with war monuments

Projection of drawings and texts, curtain, video loop, 3'30", 2014
Language: German

Exhibition view: Draw! group show, Salon Mutlu, Berlin, 2014
Photo credit: Eulàlia Rovira

concrete / "to the victims of the war" / small lawn in front of a chapel / a flower pot / a candle / traces of a visitor / older traces of a fox / “the fox is ling in the churchyard but is still a wild animal”

limestone / “to the world wars heroes” / overgrown military tombstones / high bushes / no gate / a bench / old people with dog / cyclists

red stone / “in honour to the victims of fascism world wide” / an empty lawn / two trees / high hedges / no visitor / various rabbit traces / “the rabbit plague is being fought”

granite and bronze / “to the sons fallen for their country during World War 1914-1818” / path side / a fence / wild plants / dead leaves / a cyclist / a skate-park

limestone and iron / “1939-1945 – to the living for warning and duty” / cemetery beside a lake / a bouquet / a broken candle / a compost container / no visitor / no sign

erratic boulder and iron / “1914-1818” / a hedge delimitation / small pines / two barrels with plants / no visitor / two rabbit burrows / rabbit excrements and bird traces

limestone, marble and bronze / “to the victims of the world wars” / “in memory of the fallen citizens in the 1866, 1870 and 1871 campaigns” / lawn at a crossroad / a stone sphere / an empty beer bottle / three coca-cola tents / continuous passersby / car traffic

granite and bronze / “to the german soldiers fallen for their country” / a neat flower bed / a flower pot / a flower crown / a bench / two visitors / graffitis

teach him how to dare making the first step

teach him how to build up a tent

teach him how to make a campfire

teach him how to recognise medicinal plants

teach him how to relax

teach him how to roll

teach him how to whistle

teach him a foreign language

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